Doubling down on mobile technology.

ControlFreq has been all about mobile tech since the start in 2007. In 2022, it's a different world but we're still mobile 1st, all the way!

In an increasingly connected world, it is hard to remember a time when mobile technology did not play its part in our daily lives for all our communication needs. Noel Sesto today reflects on the technological advances and avalanches, as ControlFreq announces the launch of ControlFreq 2.0 - the evolution of GSM technology and the launch of a refined focus for the business. 

The advantages of mobile technology and its increasing range of use.  

Back in 2007, having recently returned to London, Noel set out a vision as to how mobile technology could solve problems commonly faced by property managers by providing secure ‘temporary user’ access control. Fast forward to today, and Noel explains how we are in a very different place:

"When I started ControlFreq the idea was a bit too fresh. I learnt being too early is sometimes just as bad as being too late. It opened my eyes to so many other opportunities in mobile technology. Fast-forward to today and ControlFreq is still mobile 1st! We know what we do best, for whom, and the value we deliver, now to many major brands".

Noel continues,  "We believed in 2007 that mobile technology was the future of everything. Now it's a reality. Today, our GSM systems remotely monitor fire, intruder & panic alarms across, 800+ stores, for a major high street retailer. We also deliver turnkey on-demand 'API managed' access control for the maverick innovators reshaping the parking industry. Our latest ALPHA-4G GSM intercoms will demonstrate exactly how good our kit is. ControlFreq is not just selling boxes. We make products and systems that create value for customers by generating revenue, reducing costs or protecting valuable assets. ControlFreq is now a very experienced solution provider and looking to team up with professionals looking to take it to the next level”.

Riding the 'mobile' wave, ControlFreq has continued to evolve.

With a keen appetite for solving technical problems using advanced mobile-connected technology, ControlFreq is well positioned to assist all the traditional and well-cemented markets such as security, fire, and parking, but increasingly other customer segments are seeking mobile tech solutions due to the low cost, easy install and low maintenance. When hardware, software and other connected technologies are combined, the results deliver instant impact. 

A professional mobile-first technology ecosystem tailored to fit.

Noel describes what he calls ControlFreq 2.0...  

“The companies we've evolved to support are top of their game. They need adaptable, next-generation systems to help push the boundaries that take their game to the next level. Our specialist technical ability to solve technical challenges is invaluable to them. We support access control, alarm event communications and fault reporting / remote monitoring, which covers a very wide range of industries and applications. We've come to realise the future of ControlFreq is using our reliable products and earned experience to solve the real technical challenges faced by our customers".

Expanding further Noel explains "I've always enjoyed the creative side of solution development. Using a mix of hardware, software, custom branding and customer input to create something that really looks the part and makes our customers look great”. 

The future direction for the business has been supported by PlusX & local innovation programs.

As ControlFreq plans for the future, the business has been nurtured for a number of years by a Brighton-based technology innovation hub called PlusX.  PlusX is the final incarnation of a pilot project called FIELD back in 2016. Shortly after PlusX opened in 2020 ControlFreq joined a world-class innovation program called INSPIRE.

INSPIRE was run in collaboration with Brighton University, as part of the BRITE (Brighton Research Innovation Technology Exchange) series of innovation support programs offered by PlusX Brighton. 

ControlFreq was one of the initial intake of PlusX members to complete the innovation project in which a carefully considered action plan was created, with the support of industry professionals, PlusX peers and an external business mentor – all provided free of charge by PlusX and Inspire.

The Inspire innovation project empowered ControlFreq to embark on ControlFreq2.0. A rethink of where we've been, what we've learnt and where we want to go. Literally following the first Covid, it was decided to move towards the service-solution side instead of product sales only.

The company began thinking along a different mindset and primarily along the software, service and end-to-end solution route rather than product sales alone. During the process, proprietary software was developed and new ALPHA-4G access control systems were concieved, designed & manufactured.

In December 2020, ControlFreq signed up it's biggest ever customer on a deal that will keep on bringing in hardware sales for the next 4 years with recurring service revenue in place. 

Collaboration, R&D & pilot-testing are leading to a broader range of applications.

ControlFreq are now supporting a 800+ store rollout for a global high street retailer, working with the client’s multiple trade integrators across the UK and EU to implement a retrofit alarm monitoring solution which takes over from one of the industry’s leading brands. ControlFreq designed, developed and pilot-tested a custom-designed 4G hardware + web-based monitoring platform, then presented a live demo to the global security technology innovation team before being awarded the rollout.

What does all this mean for Trade Installers, Integrators & Resellers?

ControlFreq have the hardware, software, systems and experience to support professional organisations solve technical challnges in any industry. We back it uip with 7-day phone support and contract SIM. cards managed in-house for maximum support visibility. If you're into GSM, get in touch.

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Take control, remotely.

Today, ControlFreq launches a new and refocussed website offering a universally adaptable GSM product range supported by unrivalled 7-day technical support for trade and integrators plus a turnkey solution service for organisations in need of technology upgrades.

After many years in e-commerce, ControlFreq now welcomes online reseller partners to join us. We offer discount pricing, dropship delivery & 7-day phone support. 

As a trade installer, tech integrator or a digital transformer looking to solve a technical challenge, now is the time! Sign up for discounted pricing today.

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