Who is ControlFreq?

We are mobile technology specialists with a broad range of in-house skills and capabiliies to adapt the latest mobile-connected technologies to solve technical challenges in any industry.

Who is ControlFreq?

We are a trade-focused, professional team using mobile technology, connected software & industry experience to help our customers implement technical solutions that generate ongoing benefits or prevent loss & harm – remotely!

Message from the founder...

ControlFreq was formed in 2007 to explore GSM technology as temporary trade & visitor access control using mobile phones. It was early days for mobile access control – but the vision was sound.

We continued to evolve with technology, servicing random technical needs, solving all sorts of technical challenges – and in a seemingly unlimited number of industries. Always reinvesting back into making what we do better, the original concept came full circle.

In 2016, the pioneers reshaping the UK parking industry had a technical challenge. They needed to get users in and out of their clients' secure gated car parks – without compromising security. ControlFreq launched API-managed, mobile access control to help our customer's on-demand parking service generate revenue from previously inaccessible parking stock.

It's in our company DNA to help organisations solve technical challenges using mobile technology. It's what we've always done. We aim to generate revenue, reduce operating costs or prevent loss or harm in the solutions we offer.

ControlFreq employ tried & trusted 4G hardware, purpose-built connected software and in-house managed services to deliver end-to-end solutions our customers can rely on.

Welcome to ControlFreq2.0.

Noel Sesto - Founder & MD 

ControlFreq 2.0

Mobile Technologists since 2007...

We believed mobile technology was the future of access control.

Being 3 months before the iPhone was released, ControlFreq took the first step on a long road of solution discovery – and so it began...

Fast-forward to today, and ControlFreq is still mobile 1st! We know what we do best, for whom, and the value we deliver. From remotely monitoring fire, intruder & panic alarms across 800 stores for a major high street retailer to turnkey mobile access control solutions for the industry maverick innovators reshaping the future of parking. 

The companies we now work with are top of their game. They need highly adaptable, next-generation hardware, connected software backed up by reliable, experienced support to push the boundaries that take their game to the next level. 

ControlFreq employ the very latest 4G-voLTE mobile technology to solve technical challenges in virtually any industry. We've pressure-tested the tech, built the systems and earned the stripes to explore problems and solutions with both tech & non-tech customers.

ControlFreq specialise in connected hardware & software, with 7-day phone support included standard, to provide end-customers a better investment and solutions they can rely on.

Trade integrators & installers benefit from exceptional reliability & tech support when they need it, not just when our office is open.

We are ControlFreq2.0.

Our Dedicated Team 

Noel Sesto

Managing Director

Noel founded the company after decades of experience in automation, access control, door entry and security. Noel manages the technical operations and project management while working with key account customers to solve technical challenges.

Stephanie Battams

Business Manager

Steph runs the day to day operations, e-commerce & customer service keeping the wheels turning and customers happy. Steph also supports operations & project management. If it happens at ControlFreq, Steph knows about it.

Steve Passmore

Product Manager

Steve is an ex Nokia RF radio engineer from back in the beginnings of mobile. Steve brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and keen eye for detail making sure our products are the best they can possibly be. Steve handles quality control, stock management and product design reviews. 

Tomaž Hribar

Hardware Engineer [R&D]

Tomaž is a highly skilled GSM Hardware Engineer and the original driving force behind ControlFreq products from the start. Tomaž designs the electronic hardware and manages the software team to deliver universally compatible GSM technology for a wide range of applications. 

Jože Vrtar

Hardware & Software Engineer [R&D]

Jože is a highly skilled GSM Hardware & Software Engineer. He manages all aspects of software from device firmware through apps, servers and API. Jože has been instrumental in the ControlFreq journey from the start – when every idea was a test and every test was a step closer to where we are today.

Aleš Eržen

App & Software Developer

Aleš is a highly skilled App & API Software Developer. He handles all aspects of app development for ControlFreq. Aleš creates custom apps for special applications managing the design, implementation, testing and the updating of all apps offered by ControlFreq.

Recurring Revenue for Installers

Next-day Delivery

3-5 Year Warranty Standard

7-day Phone Support