APCOA PARKING, Europe’s number 1 car park management company, chooses ControlFreq 4G access control to enable 'API-managed' on-demand user access to private car parks in city centres.

APCOA was established in 1971 as a parking management company and now is the UK’s leading provider of tailored parking solutions with an established presence in Europe. APCOA are a full service parking management company, managing 1.3 million parking spaces, across 12 countries and approximately 4,300 employees. ControlFreq hardware and API have now been fully integrated into APCOA's booking systems to automatically generate time-sensitive user PIN codes to securely access 3rd party gated car parks.

The Challenge

In order to sell parking spaces via the Online Parking Marketplace, APCOA needed to provide users remote access to their client's 30 space car park in Central Edinburgh. APCOA required an access control system with an API to integrate with their own booking platform to automatically and securely allocate user access to match parking bookings. They also needed to provide means for a commercial parking partner the to sell spaces in the same car park, using their own booking platform – also managing user access remotely, automatically and securely.

The Solution

ControlFreq assisted APCOA's software development team to implement and test an API script between the APCOA booking platform, ControlFreq's 4G hardware on-site and also with the 3rd parking parking operator's platform. When a user creates a booking on APCOA's site or their commercial partner's site, access to the secure car park is generated automatically to match the user's booking times. The confirmation to the user contains the car park access information. The standalone 4G vandal & weatherproof stainless steel pinpad has been custom branded for APCOA & fitted by an authorised ControlFreq installer providing an end-to-end remote API-managed access control solution that met all the requirements of the application in a very tight timescale.

The Outcome

By implementing ControlFreq 4G access control with API user management, APCOA is now able to retrofit legacy car park technology at their client locations, in just a few hours, bringing car parks into the 21st century. As well as uplifting parking revenues by introducing new daily pre-book users, APCOA simultaneously streamline a client's previously inefficient day to day user management with an unbeatable approach of purpose-built access control hardware, software and processes. APCOA deliver game changing parking access technology for car parks large and small. 

The complete service and delivery was exceptional and on a very tight timescale...

"ControlFreq created an ideal solution for the APCOA challenge. Complete service and delivery was exceptional and on a very tight timescale. The car park was operational within 2 weeks of order including API integration with APCOA's booking platforms. It was tested, demonstrated, branded and installed. All very impressively managed".  

Is it time to upgrade your car park?

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