Tried & Trusted over 15 years

Mobile Technologists since 2007

When ControlFreq started, we believed mobile technology was the future of access control. Being 3 months before the iPhone was released, ControlFreq took the first step on a long road of solution discovery and so it began...

In 2022, we've launched ControlFreq2.0 – offering the absolute latest in 4G-voLTE mobile technology with a refined focus on managed services & solutions using everything we've learned so far.

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Tried & Trusted over 15 years


When ControlFreq started in 2007, we believed the mobile phone was the future of access control. Launching 3 months before the first iPhone was released was the first step on a long journey of discovery and so it began...

Now with over 15 years experience dedicated to mobile GSM technology ControlFreq offers a highly advanced web-connected ecosystem designed to help professional solution providers nail legacy upgrades.

ControlFreq is a registered 'Made in Britain' manufacturer of premium quality 4G GSM intercoms & access control combining managed services & tailor-made solutions for any technical retrofit challenge.

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Solve Technical Challenges


ControlFreq GSM intercoms run the latest 4G-voLTE technology with industry-beating online & app/web-based remote online management. 5 year warranty on ALPHA-4G range!


Hybrid 'mobile' access control utilising 4G-voLTE mobile technology to deliver a unique fusion of access control methods with modern remote online management systems.


Professional 4G-voLTE GSM auto-diallers designed to instantly report remote alarm signals or equipment fault events to ARC, WebAlarm® or mobile users via multiple modern communication paths.


Highly reliable & customisable 4G-voLTE access control designed for car park owners or operators to remotely manage user access to secure parking facilities uplifting revenues.


ControlFreq manage SIM cards in-house for maximum support visibility & single point-of-contact for billing, connectivity and support.


Powerful web-browser & app software for professionals to remotely manage, monitor & control, remotely located systems anytime, from anywhere.

Premium GSM Intercoms – Hand built in Britain.

Premium GSM Intercoms

Made for the future & built to last.

ALPHA-4G GSM intercoms are the perfect blend of precision, genius & beauty. No short cuts. No expense spared. ALPHA-4G is at the absolute apex of quality GSM intercoms.

The ALPHA-4G range is hand-built in Britain, made from high-grade, precision-machined components featuring future-proofed 4G-voLTE mobile communication electronics with a plug-in module in case of mobile network upgrades in future.

ALPHA-4G comes with a 5 year replacement warranty standard, 7-day phone support and 30-day returns. We're confident you'll appreciate (and benefit from) this exceptional range of 'retrofit-ready' GSM entry systems.

ALPHA-4G GSM intercoms are available in surface mount, 'custom-size' flush-mount plate and fully integrated flushed-in post-mount. If you're looking for door entry & access control for a hassle-free retrofit, remote online user management with bespoke custom-branding, ALPHA-4G delivers on every level unlike any other system available.

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