Retrofit Upgrades
for 2G/3G & PSTN kit.

The time has come to upgrade legacy systems in the field to the latest communication standards. Avoid the risk of downtime and potential non-compliance by upgrading now – hassle free!

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Using the latest IP and 4G-VoLTE mobile technology, Control Freq offers reliable alternative communication systems that allow hassle free retrofit upgrading of legacy systems such as 2G, 3G and PSTN landline.

There are multitudes of various hardware  in the field relying on now legacy communications infrastructure as the primary means for connecting services. From alarm systems, ATM machines and emergency lift phones to name a few.

It has now become a requirement to upgrade the communication capabilities of these systems, to the latest supported infrastucture, in order to maintain reliable service and compliance with associated regulations.

The key benefits of an alternative communication system include simple retrofit installation, lower running costs and multipl methods of communication redundancy inbuilt.

The primary communication path for voice services is over LAN (IP) using reliable SIP/VOIP audio services. The back up communication path is 4G cellular. Using dual SIM cards in the hardware and multiple network global roaming connectivity, full redundancy is achieved on both a hardware and network infrastructure level.

If you're responsible for maintaining the reliable operation of any legacy communications systems, ControlFreq has you covered with end-to-end hardware, connectivity, cloud services and technical support for a single annual fee.


Multiple communication paths in one Plug&Play device

ControlFreq employ LAN, WiFi, 4G-VoLTE, SIP & VOIP calling for fully redundant audio communications in a single device.

Smart Cloud management for people with no time to waste 

ControlFreq apps are designed for system adminstrators to take full control of user management in-house for more efficient operations while offering 'self-manage' installers the ability to generate ongoing service income.


Dual-SIM for added redundancy

With primary communications provided by IP LAN port the back-up communications path is 4G dual-SIM. Multi-network global roaming SIM connectivity with 4G-VoLTE service providing reliable SIP-trunk 'mobile VOIP' for back-up audio communications.

Manage GSM systems by SMS, PC, Web, App or API.

ControlFreq hardware can be configured and managed by SMS, PC, Web-browser, App & API. Professional purpose built online tools backed by industry-beating 7-day technical support by phone! 


Multiple antennas for reliable comms

With both dual WiFi & dual 4G antennas, all possible frequencies are covered providing maximum reliability for wireless coverage. 

 2G/3G/PSTN Alternative Hardware 


Internet & landline over 4G-VoLTE SIM connection

With PSTN fixed lines being retired in the coming years, alternative voice communication means must be employed to take over. The WEB+PHONE-4G is a very simple, Plug&Play device that not only provides a simulated landline routed via 4G-VoLTE, it also puts out hish-speed WiFi for wireless internet connectivity. No configuration. Simple installation. Plug in > make/receive calls & surf the internet!

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Cloud Management

ControlFreq 4G systems feature industry-beating Cloud interfaces for Installers & Integrators to provide remote support to end customers as a managed service.

What our customers say...

Called for support on a 10 year old GSM Intercom and blown away by how helpful this firm are. Highly recommended to trade & end-users alike!

Andy Howell - TRADE Installer 

Recently purchased a number of temperature sensors for some critical rooms and the support provided to set up and configure was phenomenal. Couldn't have asked for better, the after-sales help and guidance was first class.

Denise Laing - Property Manager (CBRE)

Fantastic to work with, regular suppliers of ours for years now. Looking forward to more work together in years to come.

Calvin Fergason - GATE automation ENGINEER (AUTOMATE SYSTEMS)

Always immediately available to help with tech issues and very knowledgable. I can’t recommend ControlFreqUK more, if only all customer service was like this, Keep it up!

Nick Howes - Alarm engineer

Great customer service and back up. Equipment works without fault, talked through step by step commissioning sequence. Highly recommended!

Lee Barnes - Security integrator

What a great company to deal with. A quality product at a good price. The service is literally the best Ive experienced. Whenever I've needed support its been pretty much immediate very impressive. Thank you.

Dean Burton - Access Control Installer