RETRO-LIFT | Emergency Lift Phone PSTN Retrofit Upgrade

  • BS EN81-28:2022 compliant
  • Plug & Play retrofit upgrade for PSTN lines
  • End-to-end solution incl. voice calls pre-configuration 
  • Lift dial out & remote dial in (UK phone number)
  • Audio comms by LAN with WiFi & Dual-SIM redundancy
  • Supports SIP digital audio calls (4G-VoLTE not required)
  • Inbuilt UPS for 8 hour battery back up (4hr talk time)
  • Cloud monitored connectivity, power, battery & call events.

List Price:

£389.00 (excl. VAT) 

+ 'Cloud Voice' Call Service @£220 P.A. (required)

+ Backup Multi-network SIM + £100 P.A. (option 1)

+ Backup EE UK SIM + £60 P.A. (option 2)


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RETRO-LIFT | Emergency Lift Phone PSTN Retrofit Upgrade

RETRO-LIFT is an application-specific retrofit upgrade solution to maintain compliance on emergency lift phone installations after the public PSTN fixed line infrastructure is retired in 2025. 

The RETRO-LIFT replaces PSTN landline sockets required by many systems such as emergency lift phones, ATM machines, vending machines, intruder/fire alarms & telemetry systems. 

The connecting phone equipment will not detect the difference between a traditional fixed PSTN line and the simulated alternative line-out provided by ControlFreq harware.

An ideal and very simple retrofit solution designed to resolve issues associated with the BT fixed line switch off in 2025.

RETRO-LIFT requires no configuration whatsoever. It is provided ready to dial out and dial in using the provided UK number. Power on and the dial tone will be present after approximately 30 seconds.

It couldn’t be easier to replace a landline and at a fraction of the annual running cost. Upgrade any landline system in less than 1 hour!

For applications such as emergency lift phones, it is highly recommended to adhere to the requirements of BS EN81-28 for remote communications. The RETRO-LIFT device complies with and exceeds all EN81-28 standards including remote dial-in, battery back up for 24 hours and up to 8 hours talk time.

For more info or a live demo, call us on 02034780786.

 Scope of BS EN81-28:2022

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