UK 'on-demand' parking operator, JustPark, uses ControlFreq 4G access to manage secure user access by API.

JustPark is an early pioneer of on-demand pre-book parking which is today the easiest, most convenient and economical way to park. ControlFreq has been helping JustPark get users into secure gated car parks since 2015 utilising tailor-made mobile technology hardware & software to perfectly suit their use-case.

The Challenge

In order to sell 3rd party' parking spaces via the Online Parking Marketplace, JustPark needed a mobile-connected access control system with API remote user management to enable secure access to gated car parks for pre-book customers – while simultaneously streamlining the day to day operations for the site management team.

The Solution

ControlFreq designed & built a bespoke 4G access control pillar including a remotely manageable pinpad and 'Magic Button', a special feature to provide the user an 'open barrier' button, in the JustPark app, for the duration of the booking only.  The whole system is managed remotely using the ControlFreq API for pre-book and on-demand car park users. The building reception have access to a web-browser app to manage visitors, permanent staff and contractors. They can also set hold-open time clocks and check event logs.

The Outcome

By implementing ControlFreq 4G access control with API user management, JustPark is now able to retrofit legacy car park technology at their client locations, in just a few hours, bringing car parks into the 21st century. As well as uplifting parking revenues by introducing new daily pre-book users, JustPark simultaneously streamline a client's previously inefficient day to day user management with an unbeatable approach of purpose-built access control hardware, software and processes. JustPark deliver game changing parking technology for both car parks, and parking operators, large and small. 

ControlFreq 4G access control is fully integrated with revenue-generating on-demand parking services...

"ControlFreq mobile access control has helped JustPark contract new parking stock to the service since 2016. The system was originally piloted in a few central London locations. Since then, the ControlFreq system has been implemented in car parks large and small all over the U.K... The API-based remote management of user PIN codes and 'magic button' integration in the JustPark app make the solution extremely user friendly".  

Plays nicely alongside any existing parking equipment

Simple to install 'all-in-one' retrofit – ALHAPOST-4G

Upgraded to the future in just a few hours

Is it time to upgrade your car park to the 21st century?

ControlFreq offers a wide range of professional-grade GSM products for access control, door entry & alarm. If you'd like to enquire about using our kit for a different application you can always reach us...

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