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Multi-network 'auto-connect' UK roaming SIM cards & EE M2M Secure-SIM managed by us & delivered next day, hassle-free!


When failure is not an option, Evolve!

True multi-network global roaming is unsteered. This means it doesn't favour a 'home' network making it free to 'roam' the skies looking for the best connectivity available. This takes 'guess work' out of the equation and provides peace of mind the hardware can search for another network if it ever loses connectivity.

No more messing about with PAYG credit or 3rd parties supplying SIM cards without the phone number. Get the SIM delivered with the kit and get the job done!

 EvolveSIM | Multi-network Secure-SIM

EvolveSIM | Auto-connect to 4 UK mobile networks, seamlessly.

£168+VAT (all incl.)

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Hassle-free SIM card for GSM access control & remote alarm monitoring...

EvolveSIM is designed to automatically connect to the best mobile signal it can find.

EvolveSIM makes the installation & commissioning of mobile hardware easy as the installer doesn't need to check which network is best in the area ahead of installation. 

In addition to easier setup, the SIM also provides the peace of mind that if a network was to drop out, for whatever reason, the SIM will automatically scan for a new network keeping the hardware connected and the system reliable.

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 EE M2M | Single-Network (EE) Secure-SIM

EE M2M | The UK's best coverage single network for 4G voice & data.

£144+VAT (all incl.)

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Hassle-free SIM for GSM intercom, access control & alarm communicators.

EE M2M 'Secure-SIM' is provided to ControlFreq on a commercial arrangment directly from the EE network source, BT Wholesale.

EE 'Secure-SIM' is a commercial service unavailable on consumer SIM cards. It provides you additional features specific to the security of your system preventing any kind of SIM abuse or mis-use. It includes features such as an email if the device IMEI changes ie: SIM is moved to another device. It can also be set to auto-suspend in this scenario. As it's not on the consumer network it's also protected from cyber attacks by default.

EE is an extremely reliable network, which is why it's the network of choice for the UK emergency services.

ControlFreq employ exceptional web-based  connectivity support tools, provided by EE M2M services, to ensure we have network visibility, to keep our customers connected and secure.

By proceeding to purchase you hereby agree to the terms of sale above.