GSM intercoms built by hand in Great Britain for people who appreciate the carefully considered differences between average & exceptional. ALPHA-4G is a range of GSM intercoms with inbuilt access control, managed online, designed to generate ongoing trade service revenue. 

ALPHA-4G is the evolution of GSM intercoms; and our best answer to every other GSM intercom that exists.

Our goal is to be the professional Installers' no. 1 choice for remote online management & 7-day support but also the most advanced, integrated and future-proofed GSM intercom available. When you want the best GSM kit, think ALPHA.

ControlFreq made it's first GSM intercom in 2010. We made a PCB to fit inside a 4000 series 1-4 button module. The 4000 series enclosures were popular which served it's purpose at the time as we ventured toward producing our own enclosures from solid milled aluminium instead of plastic which is how most brands make door entry. ALPHA-4G is the evolution of GSM intercoms.

ControlFreq went on to become the go-to access control provider to the on-demand parking industry, creating OEM branded GSM intercom systems, for service-related 'access control management solutions'. ControlFreq GSM intercoms with inbuilt 'API-managed' access control are employed by parking operators to enable (and remotely manage) seamless, secure user access to gated parking, ala 'Airbnb of Parking' – using  ControlFreq 100% mobile technology!

ControlFreq has become the reliable go-to partner providing the remotely managed access control 'cog-in-a-bigger-machine' for a number of 3rd party national & global on-demand services. 

While the competitors' GSM intercoms drift backwards into the shadows, the ALPHA-4G GSM intercom range  demostrates superior technological progress, and outstanding British design & engineering, with a fine attention to detail.

ALPHA-4G GSM intercoms come with a 5-year replacement warranty – standard. Backed by reliable 7-day phone support & powerful online management by app, web or API – We provide and support online tools to simplify access control user management of unlimited number of client locations.

ALPHA-4G has industry-standard access control inbuilt supporting a range of access methods to suit most vehicle access to secure parking facilities. Choose from ANPR, long-range RFID, QR-code reader, PIN keypad, proximity and secure-ID remote keyfobs.

Take ALPHA-4G to the next level. Make it your own. Using our REST API, get an OEM branded web-based front-end to sell with your ALPHA-4G kit. ALPHA-4G is about creating and sharing good British products professionals trust and rely on.

GSM intercoms designed for access user management.

ControlFreq GSM intercoms have professional-standard access control inbuilt offering not only GSM intercom user management but also advanced access control management which supprts the Online Parking Marketplace ('The Airbnb of Parking'). Owners can generate revenue from under-utlised parking assets by simply fitting a ControlFreq GSM intercom.

Exclusive designs with OEM custom-branding options.

Whether you need a simple surface-mount, retrofit flush to hide the hole left by legacy kit or a fully integrated post-mounted access system, ALPHA-4G is the latest unbeatable range from ControlFreq.

Choose 1-way or up to 200-way with easy keypad dialling.

ALPHA+4G features a marine-grade 316 stainless steel fascia, coated with industrial-duty textured black powdercoat, finished by high-contrast laser etching to suit any application.

Smarter management for managers with no time to waste.

ControlFreq apps are designed for system adminstrators to take full control of user management in-house for more efficient operations while offering 'self-manage' installers the ability to generate ongoing service income.

Sharp design form with no visible fixings.

The clean, all-British, design & engineering behind ALPHA-4G is unrivalled in the door entry market. Following Deiter Rams principles for good design ALPHA-4G combines form, function and detail that carries through the complete product family to enhance the entrance of any property while bringing it into the 21st century.

Manage your GSM systems by SMS, PC, Web, App or API.

ControlFreq hardware can be configured and managed by SMS, PC, Web-browser, App & API. What's more, you don't need to fill in forms or pay the manufacturer to do it when they get around to it With ControlFreq GSM intercoms, you can do it yourself using professional online tools and our industry-beating 7-day technical support by phone! 

Professional branding & custom-design applications available.

ControlFreq manage the artwork & design in-house for professional 'on-brand' OEM hardware built for harsh outdoor environments and heavy commercial use. Our extensive range of universally compatible 4G hardware coupled with bespoke branding delivers a professional first impression for any customer.

Hybrid 4G/WiFi Video Intercom

Delayed by supply-chain issues and recent world events, our latest mobile development takes into consideration the shortcomings of the current video entry systems on the market. Coming soon...

5G-ready! New modular design 4G-voLTE mobile hardware.

In the name of long-term reliability & servicability, we redesigned for any future network eventualities by integrating plug-in modules for easy swap out without replacing the whole system.

Unlimited-use EE SIM card managed in-house by us.

Delayed by supply-chain issues and recent world events, our latest mobile development takes into consideration the shortcomings of the current video entry systems on the market. Coming soon...

Made for the future & built to last 

ALPHA-4G is made from solid aluminium and stainless steel. Every component has been carefully designed to consider form, functionality and simplicity. There is literally nothing in the market made to this standard. #noplastic 

 ALPHA-4G | GSM Intercoms - Handmade in Britain

 ALPHA-4G | GSM Intercoms

Premium 4G GSM Intercom  - 1 way with keypad

While being developed over the past 2 years, the ALPHA-4G range of GSM intercoms had one clear objective – to be the professional Installers' no. 1 choice for aethetics, build quality, reliabilty, functionality, online management and 7-day technical support. With a 5-year replacement warranty standard ALPHA-4G is unbeatable. 

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Online Management

ALPHA-4G GSM intercoms are the evolution of GSM intercom technology. Using our industry-beating online system management, Installers & Integrators are able to offer paid managed services to end customers.

What our customers say...

Called for support on a 10 year old GSM Intercom and blown away by how helpful this firm are. Highly recommended to trade & end-users alike!

Andy Howell - TRADE Installer 

Recently purchased a number of temperature sensors for some critical rooms and the support provided to set up and configure was phenomenal. Couldn't have asked for better, the after-sales help and guidance was first class.

Denise Laing - Property Manager (CBRE)

Fantastic to work with, regular suppliers of ours for years now. Looking forward to more work together in years to come.

Calvin Fergason - GATE automation ENGINEER (AUTOMATE SYSTEMS)

Always immediately available to help with tech issues and very knowledgable. I can’t recommend ControlFreqUK more, if only all customer service was like this, Keep it up!

Nick Howes - Alarm engineer

Great customer service and back up. Equipment works without fault, talked through step by step commissioning sequence. Highly recommended!

Lee Barnes - Security integrator

What a great company to deal with. A quality product at a good price. The service is literally the best Ive experienced. Whenever I've needed support its been pretty much immediate very impressive. Thank you.

Dean Burton - Access Control Installer