– FLOW –

Web-based 'software-as-a-service' to bring any SMS sending system into the 21st century. Use our hardware or any 3rd party system capable of sending SMS alarms.


Upgrade legacy SMS alarm systems to the latest in alarm communications!

  • Supercharge legacy SMS systems
  • Alarms by SMS, voice, email & push
  • No hardware upgrade costs

Turn your current SMS notification into a modern remote monitoring system for multiple users

  • Fully event logged delivery
  • We build it for you, with you.
  • Annual service fee (all. incl.)

 WebAlarm®FLOW  :  Overview

Upgrade SMS sending auto-diallers to make calls, send emails & more!

WebAlarm®FLOW is a 'software-as-a-service' alarm reporting system  to completely transform remote  alarm monitoring operations – without necessarily needing to upgrade existing hardware.

Any device or system that sends an SMS on alarm is compatible. FLOW receives an SMS with a 'trigger' word. The trigger word then initiates a custom-built script to deliver the alarm to chosen recipients in the communication method required.

Transform your alarm communications today.