Advanced Remote Monitoring for any Application

  • Instant real-time monitoring of alarms & faults
  • Rapid retrofit to modernise any system easily
  • Compatible with any alarm, fault or sensor
  • Realtime alarms by SMS, call, email, push & ARC.
  • ARC-ready GPRS/4G alarm comms for fire & intruder
  • WebAlarm®  Cloud Monitoring Solution

Purchase Options

Bundle Offer! Hardware + SIM + Cloud Monitoring...

[PRO+4G] incl. WebAlarm Cloud Monitoring & SIM Service
Save 50%
[PRO+4G] incl. WebAlarm Cloud Monitoring & SIM Service

Advanced professional GSM auto-dialler w/ mains fail [4G] bundled with EE contract SIM card @ £120P.A.

With the bundle offer you receive a 50% hardware discount and get the 1st year WebAlarm service included. The bundle includes free pre-configuration, by us, to suit your application. You receive the device ready to go! The included multi-network SIM card is managed in-house by us for a single point of contact for anything you need ongoing!


  • PRO+4G Auto-dialler hardware (@£184+VAT)
  • Unlimited 'multi-network' SIM card (global SIM)
  • WebAlarm Cloud Monitoring (1st year incl.)
  • WebAlarm £300+VAT P.A. all incl. subsequent years
  • Additional locations +£84+VAT P.A. (incl. unlimited SIM)


A complete stand-alone remote monitoring system.

Keeping a constant eye on remotely located assets requires more than an SMS, email or phone call. It requires a customisable blend of communication methods to a range of users to ensure mission-critical information is delivered and handled efficiently. Reliable remote monitoring from ControlFreq is tailored to suit your application.  

Customisable remote monitoring with a web-browser UI.

ControlFreq customisable web-based software is what separates our remote monitoring from the competition. Our WebAlarm onboarding team work with you to deliver the data you need to see, where you need it and all in real time. 

Download 'WebAlarm Presentation' with pricing

Alarm & fault events delivered over modern communication paths!

Not all remote monitoring applications are the same. Some require just a simple SMS or phone call notification while others command more sophisticated, rule-based & event logged reporting systems delivered over multiple communication paths for mission-critical notifications in realtime.

Smart remote management for people with no time to waste.

ControlFreq apps are designed for system adminstrators to take full control of system and user management in-house for more efficient operations while offering 'self-manage' installers the ability to generate ongoing service income.

Self-contained 'stand alone' electronics for easy integration.

ControlFreq hardware can be easily integrated into 3rd party systems using industry-standard mounting systems such as DIN rail. If your application requires a bit of customisable flexibility, that's where ControlFreq outshines the competition. It's what we do best.

Rule-based customisable alarm delivery service. 

ControlFreq build tailor-made alarm delivery flows for virtually any monitoring application. Flow receives an alarm notification SMS from any system to initiate the automated alarm delivery flow to multiple users across a range of modern communication methods.

Professional in-house solution development for special applications.

ControlFreq work directly with integrators to develop end-to-end supported 'hardware+software' systems for virtually any technical challenge. Utilising  our  universally adaptable off-the-shelf 4G hardware combined with in-house technical & software development capabilities, ControlFreq deliver.

Web browser & smartphone apps for easy remote config. 

Professional configuration & management tools design for installers and integrators to get the job done and have an online back-end for ongoing system updates and user management.

5G-ready! New modular design 4G-voLTE mobile hardware.

In the name of long-term reliability & servicability, we've designed our hardware for any future eventuality by integrating plug-in modules for easy swap-out without replacing the whole system.

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Product Information

Advanced Remote Monitoring for any Application

Highly configurable & universally adaptable remote monitoring for virtually any application...

The PRO+4G is a highly configurable, advanced professional 4G GSM auto-dialler designed to remotely monitor virtually any remote fault or alarm condition.

The alarm trigger can be an alarm panel of any kind, a volt-free relay contact N/O or N/C, positive or negative voltage or directly from any type of sensor. The PRO+4G is truly universal for any application.

With the optional battery back-up fitted the PRO+4G offers instant remote mains-fail monitoring. It's a valuable solution if used for that purpose alone. See the mains fail version here.

The PRO+4G sends custom SMS and/or voice calls up to 10 user phones with customisable SMS and voice message.

Optional services allow for customised alarm delivery including email and WebAlarm® web-based ARC monitoring alternative.

WebAlarm® is a new way to remotely monitor an unlimited amount of locations with web interface, email, SMS & phone call notifications to dedicated receipients per location.

Very powerful yet simple remote monitoring.

Optional Add-ons

External Antennas

System Enhancements

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