The advantages of the latest 4G-VoLTE mobile technology

4G-voLTE is the beginning of a new future in mobile communications bringing new advantages to remote monitoring & access control.

With the looming sunset of 2G and 3G services, which currently carry nearly all mobile voice traffic, the evolution of mobile voice technology, 4G-VoLTE (or Voice over LTE), is the new global standard in mobile voice communications. The new vo-LTE services offer a superior voice quality, a faster connection time, more call functionality and in-call services, for a richer, more useful mobile voice experience.  With ControlFreq's numerous voice-enabled devices, such as GSM intercoms, remore monitoring GSM auto-diallers and remote loudpseaker warning system, ControlFreq technology just keeps on improving as the mobile infrastructure behind them propels into the future.

4G-VoLTE technology has been around for several years and  with recent hardware advances consumer adoption of the services is on the rise.

With each generation of mobile technology, where both faster speed and greater capacity of data transfer are made possible, there are opportunities for businesses to innovate and add on revenue streams with new targeted offerings. The industry is seeking to make voice and communication services more interoperable due to its all-IP nature. This means having one converged network for voice and data, reduced from what was two separate voice and data networks. 

Multi-national telecommunications company, Ericsson, reports: ’VoLTE creates a foundation for globally interoperable consumer, business and enterprise voice and communication services across LTE, Wi-Fi and 5G. It enables operators to offer high-quality, simultaneous voice and communication services and 4G/5G mobile broadband on smartphones and other voice capable devices’

ControlFreq's latest GSM intercoms run 4G-voLTE modules for superior voice and access to enhanced in-call voice services. See the range here.

If mobile voice technology can indeed move beyond the mobile phone, what exactly is VoLTE and why does it really matter?  

VoLTE is a method of voice communication which uses 4G LTE connectivity. Although Voice-over-IP (or VoIP) created the market for sending voice over the internet, the LTE (or 4G) network could not support voice and messaging services due to it's all-IP nature. 4G-voLTE (Voice over LTE) technology has addressed this issue, and enabled network providers to eliminate the need to have voice (or circuit-switched) services on one network (2G/3G) and data on another (4G). 

The expansion of voLTE services is not only beneficial for all users but it's critical to enable operators to decommission their 2G and 3G networks to reform the spectrum for 4G and 5G, making the network less congested and more efficient. Voice over LTE enables wireless operators to deliver a new set of standards-based services via the LTE network, referred to as Rich Communications Services. These services include video calling, file transferring, video voicemail and instant messaging. In fact, projections state that VoLTE is on course to overtake traditional GSM calls, making understanding the functionality, even more relevant.

As we anticipate the adoption of 4G-VoLTE technology across different end-user groups, there is a strong rationale for evolving with this technology due to the clear advantages voLTE delivers.

VoLTE provides customers with benefits such as enhanced voice quality as, by using the high data transfer internet connection, voice calls can be delivered in HD quality. In addition, there is a reduced time to establish the call, as VoLTE can connect up to two times as fast as 2G or 3G.

Much like a WhatsApp, Facetime or Messenger call, 4G-VoLTE enables video calls with HD voice natively on the phone without a 3rd party service. By remaining on 4G, the speed of the data connection remains constant, and there is no switching needed, providing a better, more stable user experience and, when calling over voLTE, you don't use voice minutes, you use data, so it's cheaper to use. The market for VoLTE-enabled smartphones also continues to grow, although many end consumers are not even aware that their device is VoLTE enabled.   However, it is easy to see how by introducing complimentary voice rich features using VoLTE, within access control solutions, such as parking for example, voice could become the new interface for communication, human to device or device to human.  The retirement of 2G and 3G, whilst not immediate, will offer the opportunity to seize these benefits that VoLTE can offer. In a recent news story, the Department for Digital, Culture and Media and Sport (DCMS) confirmed their support for the retiring of 3G/2G networks:

 “The mobile network operators have confirmed that they do not intend to offer 2G and 3G mobile networks past 2033 at the latest. We welcome that some individual operators will switch off their networks, particularly their 3G networks, earlier than this date, and will announce their own plans about when and how they intend to do this.” DCMS, 8th December, 2021. 

Systems, which are installed today, need therefore to be based on future-proofed technologies solution providers ourselves, Control Freq always work with clients on custom made solutions against the backdrop of 4G (and future 5G) data connectivity options.

To discuss how we can help you bring purpose-built mobile technology solutions to life for your business, click below for more information.

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