WebAlarm Monitoring

The alternative to traditional ARC monitoring is web-based to receive live alarm signals in-house.

Remote alarm monitoring systems are a vital component in the safety and security of both home and commercial premises. Now web-based solutions can transform the way alarm events are being communicated.

As widely predicted, technological advancements such as the continued adoption of mobile-based remote monitoring solutions, and the transition away from traditional landline phone services for alarm response is clear.

 Whilst the traditional Alarm Receiving Centre might still be a choice for some installers, many are looking for more choice and flexibility, and the option to move to web-based systems with less third-party reliance.

We provide flexible, alarm and fault reporting monitoring solutions for both domestic and commercial premises.

Commercial managers are being influenced by the growing need to monitor not only building security or faults, but other real-time events such as building efficiency.

Homeowners equally don’t only monitor their home alarm systems. Increasingly they are looking to use ‘smart home’ technology to connect devices and they require quick notifications, and remote monitoring solutions to manage and control these devices.

ControlFreq’s software can transform the way your alarm events are communicated

Whilst ControlFreq’s hardware supports online remote management, our web-based alarm receiving software WebAlarm is designed to provide real-time alarm signal monitoring. WebAlarm receives live signals from 4G devices in the field to present alarms on a web-browser and deliver notifications by email to relevant stakeholders.

Some of the benefits of WebAlarm include:

  • Reduced cost
  • Better predictive maintenance
  • Prediction or prevention of machine failure
  • Live event faults
  • Lower false alarm costs due to unnecessary or false emergency service attendance
  • More independent, in-house control

It really is as easy as it sounds. A SIM card and a web browser and your assets are being monitored remotely and online. WebAlarm event logs all live and test signal events while also live monitoring and reporting the connectivity of the mobile GSM hardware.

To see the full range of WebAlarm’s features and benefits, contact us for a short demo.

Upgrades to legacy systems are also available to WebAlarm FLOW, ControlFreq’s ‘software-as-a-service’ alarm reporting system. For more information, view WebAlarm FLOW.

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