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PSTN Switch Off

Door entry systems, alarms, or CCTV could all be using old PSTN phone lines.
Is it time to check your landline’s usage?

As the switch off for landline telephones creeps closer, we can help with quick and easy upgrades to maintain your services.

The use of landline phones has been declining in recent years as more people have switched to using mobile phones and internet-based communication methods such as VoIP. Additionally, many phone companies have been discontinuing traditional PSTN phone service in favour of digital alternatives. The official notice from BT is landline will be completely unavailable from 2025 meaning any system that requires a PSTN landline must be changed to either IP, VOIP or mobile technology to avoid disruption to service.

Redundant telephone line-based technology is being replaced with GSM alarm signalling.

Control Freq offers alarm signalling via GPRS/GSM for installation in residential, commercial, or industrial premises. Our auto dialler units are 100% mobile, so ideal for alarm remote monitoring where IP is unavailable.

Backed by web-based (API supported) real time monitoring, we offer low-cost, retrofit, non-disruptive 4G hardware. Our hardware simply provides a ‘simulated landline’ output that the existing equipment can use to dial out with no configuration required. You simply insert a live SIM card, power the unit with 12-24V AC/DC to receive a simulated landline output connection. Connect any traditional landline phone equipment by two wires to completely replace the need for the fixed landline connection.

ControlFreq is solving technical challenges prompted by the need for landline upgrades for a broad range of UK businesses.

Many clients are recognising the need to address the landline switch-off to avoid significant impact to their operations and duty of care obligations in the public space. One large hotel group engaged ControlFreq to provide hardware for their elevator operations to create connectivity to deliver a simulated landline output, over a 4G mobile connection, to an existing lift phone dialler.

ControlFreq provide off-the-shelf 4G hardware, custom-built solutions, web-based software, mobile connectivity and ongoing managed services to assist technology integrators, installers and service operators.

With the legacy equipment still in place, the simple, off-the-shelf 4G landline simulator hardware from ControlFreq avoids the full replacement of landline equipment, reducing the cost of upgrade by 80%.. Off the shelf hardware with custom firmware and Web Alarm web-based monitoring app and API integration with 3rd party building management software, the final solution enabled the end client to replace legacy landlines with a 4G landline 'simulator' alternative. The new system monitors real time events, via ControlFreq’s Web Alarm and simultaneously to our customer's web-based building management software, for call initiated, call answered and call terminated for emergency event logging.

Custom development for WM Morrisons Supermarkets.

In this custom development we worked with Morrisons to deliver a taxi freephone solution for customers in need of a taxi. The Taxifone-4G wall mounted freephone (A3 size) runs the latest mobile technology under the bonnet while delivering the experience of a landline phone. The client brief noted the typical demographic, using the taxi freephones, prefer a landline experience. The anti-vandal handset used is similar to a BT phone box handset. It's a hybrid phone communication system satisfying the needs of the client and the users in move. What could we make for you?

We can help navigate the upcoming changes.

ControlFreq provides a range of services and solution that help our clients work towards the PTSN switch off. Our in house development team will work with you to create remote monitoring via our web based OEM branded software. Get in touch and we can explore the best options for you.  

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