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'Dropship' Next-Day Delivery

Extended Warranty

7-day Phone Support

7-day Support & Lifetime Warranty

We offer 7-day phone support for registered trade installers and resellers. We even offer trade customers a lifetime warranty on our latest ALPHA-4G entry systems.

Complete End-to-end Solutions

ControlFreq isn't just hardware. It's software, SIM card, customisation & 7-day phone support. We're with you to get the job done and keep it going.

Revenue-Generating Online Tools

No system is complete without remote online management. Use our powerful Web, App & API tools to offer your customers 'easy-peasy' managed services.

Why ControlFreq?

When you buy ControlFreq, you don't just buy a product – you're investing in the peace of mind that when it really counts, it works – and if you have any issues, we'll be there – any day of the week. ControlFreq stands for quality & reliability above all else. We offer a *lifetime warranty on the new ALPHA-4G GSM intercom to highlight the quality we stand for. 

*Lifetime warranty for trade & reseller partners only

Mobile first, always.

We do GSM, only GSM and, those who use it say, the best GSM. Every visitor to ControlFreq brings a challenge. More often than not we have GSM kit off-the-shelf, for next-day delivery, complete with SIM card and, if required, professional setup support. If any level of customisation is required, or you'd like to discuss a specific technical challenge, book a 15 minute 'solution-discovery' call with a solution expert. 

Trade focussed.

ControlFreq is dedicated to helping trade & industry overcome legacy challenges, using the best mobile technology available. With 15 years experience dedicated to GSM technology we've developed not just hardware but more importantly we've developed the best backend management systems of any GSM system available. We employ tried & trusted hardware, software and industry experience to deliver products, services & support our customers can rely on.

End-to-end solutions.

We've earned our stripes over a 15 year improvement journey developing complete solutions systems and supporting professional trade partners to solve technical challenges in many industries. ControlFreq stands for premium quality, rock-solid reliability and premium support. In 2022, ControlFreq2.0 launches a 4G GSM intercom with a lifetime 'trade' warranty, new concepts in remote alarm monitoring and simple, yet powerful, 4G technology to modernise any access control system in less than an hour.