Sell ControlFreq as a Professional Installer, Integrator or Reseller to qualify for lifetime warranty covering manufacturer faults. A priceless 'badge of confidence' in our technology, reserved for professionals looking to replace legacy, unreliable and/or poorly supported GSM technology with the best-in-class GSM available.

Uninterupted Service

Advanced Replacement

Operations Lifeline

7-day Phone Support

Lifetime Warranty

Sign up for a trade or reseller account to qualify for lifetime warranty on selected products.   

To qualify...

1. You must be a registered trade or reseller customer with at least 1 purchase per month up until the time of claim.

2. Our technical support can not resolve the issue remotely.

3. You must provide proof of purchase.

4. Product is eligable for lifetime warranty (noted on orginal purchase)

When a claim is authorised, we send an advanced replacement, and collect the faulty unit by tracked courier from your chosen location, at no cost.

Please note: This offer only relates to specific products which is noted on the product page. If the product does not state 'lifetime warranty' on the product page it does not qualify. Standard warranty on all products is 3 or 5 years. Also stated on the product pages. 

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