Dear Customers,

It is with regret we are forced to increase our prices effective February 1st 2017 at minimum increase of 15% across our product range.

This price increase is due to the constant fall of the £GBP against the $USD and €EUR all through 2016 and the uncertain times ahead as UK Brexit plans remain undecided.

Control Freq products are all produced in the E.U. and other parts sourced in $USD so the cost of our products has been increasing over the past year and looks set to continue. Although we have done so for over 12 months, we can no longer absorb these losses.

Our products remain the highest quality made in the EU with quality components. Our service and support is second to no-one. See our customer reviews here.

We believe our GSM products will still remain the best value available. The real value in Control Freq products is what you get with it and the product life you get out of it. They are built to last. They come with app and web configurability designed to make them future proof and easier to set up and use.

We trust you can understand our position. If you would like to discuss a volume discount or trade pricing please do contact us on +44(0)1273 25 70 60

Kind regards

Noel Sesto

Control Freq Ltd.