PIN-4G | PIN Code Access Control (online user management)

  • Manage PIN code access securely via web, app or API
  • Full time/day/date restriction per user
  • Custom-branded pinpad labelling (included)
  • Access event log online, with .XLS export
  • Caller-ID access for 1000 users, standard
  • Multi-format proximity fob reader inbuilt
  • Fully integrated with JustPark, YourParkingSPace & APCOA


Why aren't we selling online?

ControlFreq has been selling online since 2009. 

Over the past two years we have developed the 'Alpha Control Ecosystem' [ACE]. We have made the decision to concentrate our focus on the core technology, as a manufacturer & cloud service provider, while hardware sales are channelled through online partners.

New and existing customers can  purchase directly from us, offline, until suitable Reseller channels are in place, at which time we will direct all online sales through partners. This is a transition we have decided to make to focus on 'Made in Britain' manufacturing &  the connected services to compliment our products.

If you would like to become a reseller please connect with us to arrange an intro call and demo meeting. We're now actively seeking reseller partners.

All technical support. SIM cards, managed services & cloud software subscriptions will be provided by ControlFreq for any product purchased.

When an end purchaser activates a ControlFreq product, these services become available. Please reach us through the buttons below...

Product Detail

PIN-4G | PIN Code Access Control (online user management)

Self-managed gated car park access securely and remotely via web-browser or smartphone app.

By engaging one or more of our online parking marketplace partners (parking apps) JustPark, YourParkingSpace and APCOA,  optimise parking revenue by seamlessly sending bookings to the car park without any input from the car park owner.

The PIN-4G PIN code access control system supports secure-PIN online management –Particularly useful for managing temporary & on-demand users remotely & instantly.

The authorised administrators are able to restrict an individual user's PIN code to preset times, days, date range or even no. of uses. The same PIN management system is supported across all ControlFreq products that feature PIN code access.

The PIN-4G is a surface-mounted, stainless steel keypad with soft-touch silicon & LED backlit buttons. The keypad connects the master 4G controller by 4 wires – or wirelessly! Choose your preferred, same price.

The system has an inbuilt clock, syncronised with the network providers' clock to keep all timing functions up to date. The 24/7/365 timeclock allows the admin to hold gates open & close automatically up to 10 different time slots per day. Simple, convenient remote gate control at it's best. All ControlFreq access & door entry products support this function.

PIN-4G supports Caller-ID 'free-call'  access, standard, as in all GSM intercoms. The difference?Ours supports 'switchboard control' & 'voicemail-avoid & optional simultaneous hunt-group calling (pro-annual-service)'.

Virtual-PIN is a 'no-touch' method of sending PIN codes to the keypad by SMS. The PIN event is event-logged to the second and can trigger a notification SMS to admin user/s of user arrival. Ideal for trade and visitors.

Optional Add-ons

External Antennas

15m extension cable for 'Ultra Directional'
15m extension cable for 'Ultra Directional'

15m extension cable for 'Ultra Directional'


System Enhancements

Battery Backup
Battery Backup
Battery Backup
Battery Backup

Battery Backup


Managed Services