GSM Remote Control - Android Tablet App

Customisable Smart-Control app to remotely switch relay outputs on a Samsung industrial-duty rugged WiFi+4G tablet.


Remote output control by Android rugged tablet

This custom-made app, by ControlFreq, was originally developed to remotely control 12 automated barriers – using our G1-4GW –  from one tablet screen. The application was access to truck parking on the London HS2 project.

The app was then adapted for a  6 lane (12 automated bollards) warehouse with a global hold open, close all and indivdual control. There are also 6 x G1-4G as a remote control to remotely enable or disable the control functions to lock lanes as needed.

  • Remote control app
  • Simple user interface
  • Industrial-duty tablet 
  • Universal GSM controller

Tablet remote control of unlimited GSM control units

  • Customise via web-browser
  • OEM branded app interface
  • Direct API control (not by SMS)
  • Custom features by request

Remote Control Android App

Custom-designed app for remote control of multiple GSM devices

Put the convenience of GSM remote control to work on a tablet display...

GSM remote controllers, GSM gate openers, GSM switches, whatever the term used, have been around since the very start of 'GSM technology' in the security industry.

The flexibility and convenience of using mobile phones to remotely control virtually anything that can be switched has never been a more obvious remote control method given the ubiquity of mobile phones in today's world.

ControlFreq has probably the most advanced, reliable, configurable GSM control systems available. They're not the cheapest but it's rarely the case the best is also the lowest cost.

Combined with a smart tablet app to put an unlimited amount of 'control' buttons on a scrollable screen means you can now harness the power of GSM control without the need to control the GSM devices as indivdual contacts within a mobile phone contacts list.

The tablet app is customisable to enable a range of control features from a simple user interface with instant effect.

Tablet Specifications