The Control Freq residency @ FIELDBTN brings a prototype door entry project of nearly 5 years back to life!  

It's an exciting time, in terms of new technology advances, to be resurrecting what could have ended up in the technology graveyard. We're dusting off what was and looking at what will be, all with very much appreciation and love for the opportunity and belief in our vision from FIELD team.

Control Freq is a solutions technology company with the vision that the mobile phone is the one common denominator between us all, in any country. Using mobile and cloud technology, Control Freq will create a new brand of door entry systems, smart in more ways than one - off the shelf & bespoke - in a range of metal (not metallic but real metal finishes) from aluminium, brass, bronze, aged Bronze, white bronze, copper, aged copper, iron, zinc, stainless steel, tin, nickel-silver, gold and gunsmoke. 


- a range of design prototype panels created 5 years ago to explore the possibilities of design -


The first thing a visitor to any property sees is the property entrance.

What does it say about the owner? Does the intercom even work? Is it a shell of it's former self covered in wireless doorbells where new tenants scramble to avoid missing deliveries? Does it call your phone? ...can you unlock the door using a mobile phone? 

Imagine you had a delivery.... But you're not in...

A Control Freq intercom calls ALL of your phones simultaneously and you answer it like any normal phone call... then you can open the door from your phone's keypad if you choose. Manage visitors to your front entrance on your mobile or landline phone from anywhere in the world.

Our latest evolution allows you to see live streaming video (ie: CCTV), on your smartphone, of who's at your front door... BEFORE you answer the call! This is Control Freq.  Now add beautiful, individualistic, creative, bespoke or your own personality to the front panel design. FIELD + CONTROL FREQ = YOUR NEW ENTRANCE

As a #FIELDBTN resident, Control Freq will develop an exciting new brand of door entry system that's just been waiting for the opportunity to come to life. Keep an eye out at the FIELD resident's entrance door where Control Freq will showcase a bespoke panel design for the resident's studio access.

"If you can draw it, we could make it".

Watch this space while we find our feet. Our first fully functional door entry creation will be live on show at FIELD HQ before too long....


Control Freq is also part of the Entrepreneurial Spark business accelerator powered by NatWest in Brighton. With all the available support, mentoring and resources provided by team Entrepreneurial Spark, NatWest and KPMG, Control Freq has been able to refocus on what it's good at. Smart Solutions. Summer 2016 brings a Product Design Intern in to work on new door entry designs. This Intern project aims to take a product idea from the mind, to paper to 3D design to machinery to prototype, to testing, to production to promotion to selling online. The complete cycle of dreaming, creating, producing and selling a Control Freq product.


Control Freq has been running for 9 years and involved in E-commerce for the past 7 years. The company has been selling online providing solutions such as 'mobile phone' door entry intercoms for homes, blocks, and commercial door entry, 'SIM card based' taxi freephone systems, Airbnb 'mobile' access systems, secure car park 'PIN & mobile' access solutions,  alarm system 'mobile' monitoring solutions, remote control by 'mobile phone' systems, 'mobile phone' door & gate access control and variations of the above to solve any problem presented using mobile and Cloud technology. Do you have an issue that could potentially be resolved using technology? Ask us.  It's what we do. 01273 25 70 60 or 020 3478 0786.