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With the introduction of 4G-voLTE, the new global standard in mobile comms, the ControlFreq range is more powerful than ever before.

ControlFreq manufacture and supply a range of powerful GSM access control systems, top-of-the range, robust GSM Intercoms, and instant-trigger GSM Auto diallers, all with 7-day technical advice and support. With a portfolio of products adaptable to many different applications requiring remote access, alarm event monitoring or door entry, the range is scaling up.

GSM Access Control 

ControlFreq’s GSM Access Control range includes products that both strengthen physical security and grant user access via the use of a remote-control switching device that can open or close gates or doors, or other assets that can be remotely actioned. Via call, SMS or app, security is enhanced using caller ID identification. This grants access to those who you choose and disallows entry to unknown callers. 

With ControlFreq GSM Access Control, simplicity, flexibility, convenience and security are addressed. The product range supports:

• a private Airbnb single door entry
• a parking operator providing gated access at scale
• a full scale parking system retrofit in a few hours

ControlFreq GSM access controllers feature a range that starts with a rock-solid entry-level GSM gate opener with SMS only configuration, and ascend through to a very powerful 4G GSM access controller with many more advanced functions. These include built in time clocks for open access at pre-set times, an unlimited number of users option, and full event logging which can be viewed via web browser or app. The features on Control Freq’s products are carefully designed to help customers build an access control system that will deliver against their specific requirements, all with unrivalled quality.

With minimal wiring, ControlFreq’s products can ‘piggyback’ existing access systems should they need to be phased out as part of an upgrade process, and configuration and set up is easy via SMS, PC, Web or App. In addition to operating as stand-alone controllers, our core 4G GSM controllers also support QR code readers, and ANPR (automatic numberplate recognition) cameras for touchless vehicle access.

GSM Intercoms

ControlFreq’s latest range of GSM Intercoms employ 4G-voLTE mobile technology, with plug-in modular upgrade ability, for a future-proof product designed for the future of mobile. GSM intercoms securely operate gate or door entry from a user's mobile or landline phone.  Easy-to-install and simple to set up, the GSM Intercom requires only power and SIM card to operate.

GSM intercoms are available for single properties through to 1000 properties (optional). Some ControlFreq GSM Intercoms are equipped with pin code keyless entry, temporary user access and an inbuilt timeclock control should gates be required to be open at pre-set times during the week. The range is finished in a smart marine-grade 316 stainless steel with high weather proofing.

Calls are triggered to a list of phone numbers, called in order of preference. Intercom calls can be received from a mobile phone offering complete flexibility to open a door or gate from wherever you are. All programming can be carried out via SMS text, PC, Web browser or app and there is the option to monitor door or gate entry events from wherever you are in real-time via app or web browser.

GSM Auto Diallers + monitoring software!

For basic entry-level or fully tailored alarm monitoring, ControlFreq offers a range of GSM auto-diallers to instantly report alarm or fault event activity by SMS, voice, email, ARC and WebAlarm®.

ControlFreq’s 4G auto diallers operate on any mobile network globally. With a SIM card inserted, the popular the GSM Auto Dialler PRO+4G, which is compatible with all intruder or fire panels, will call or SMS up to 10 pre-set phone numbers should alarm activity be detected. It also includes a convenient remote control function enabling users to call the device to control gate, doors, lights, machinery etc. It also supports WebAlarm®.

ControlFreq’s range of GSM Auto Diallers also offers a full line up of advanced and specific service features. Our GSM TEMP-4G Auto Dialler will report temperature breaches, the GSM PRO+4G Mains Fail Auto Dialler will monitor mains power loss / restore, and the GSM Landline Retrofit Auto Dialler will provide an instant landline connection whenever it is needed, such as for emergency lift or temporary services.

ControlFreq’s products are quick to install, and our product quality is backed up by reliable 7-day technical support

If you are keen to discover how any of ControlFreq’s GSM Access Control systems, GSM Intercoms or GSM Alarm Diallers could work for you, speak to us about our product range for gate or door automation and alarm or event monitoring.

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