SOLO1-4G | GSM Intercom 1-way w/ 4G-VoLTE audio

  • Intercom calls on 5 phones for a single property
  • Door release by phone keypad
  • Inbuilt 'gate hold-open' timeclock
  • 'Virtual-PIN' function - users send by SMS
  • Time-day-date restricted 'virtual' PIN
  • Remotely managed by Web or App

List Price:

£399.00 (excl. VAT)

Product Detail

SOLO1-4G | GSM Intercom 1-way w/ 4G-VoLTE audio

Highly reliable 1 way GSM intercom...

The SOLO1-4G is a highly configurable GSM intercom, for a single property, with remote online configuration & user management.

The unit is a robust design with brushed stainless steel fascia and powercoated stainless steel surface backbox. The included external 4G antenna is available in adhesive, magnetic or anti-vandal bolt-through to suit the installation.

The anti-vandal stainless steel call button is designed for long-term reliability unlike many others on the market.

The unit operates on 2G/3G and 4G with a 4G (vo-LTE ready) module onboard for future-proof mobile connectivity.

Door release can be activated from the user's phone keypad during a call and also at any other time by Caller-ID 'free-call', SMS, App, Web-browser or via times preset using the inbuilt 24/7/365 time-clocks (2).

The audio quality is nothing short of perfect. Configuration and user management is done via web-browser or smartphone app, primarily designed for installers.

ControlFreq apps are intended for an installer to offer a managed service to end-clients, thereby generating recurring service revenue, while providing the best possible managed service to the client – supported by ControlFreq, 7-days, by phone.