Optional Extras for
GSM Systems

ControlFreq offer a range of useful add-ons & complimentary services to enhance any GSM system. After many years focused specifically on GSM, we offer the most reliable add-ons only.

 About GSM Add-Ons

Mobile technology is by definition wireless which requires a carefully considered installation to ensure it is left in the most reliable state. 

ControlFreq GSM add-ons range from SIM cards and antennas to battery backup and power supplies.

When trying to achieve the most reliable installation possible, care must be taken to ensure site-specific requirements are acknowledged and tested before leaving site.

In most cases, mobile connectivity is readily available and consistent however, in some certain circumstances, if GSM hardware is installed in locations with lower than normal signal, add-on enhancements are necessary to improve device connectivity.

Our range of GSM extras enable trade integrators to resolve virtually any eventuality, with our support.

Reliable SIM cards are a critical component in any GSM system...

ControlFreq offer contract SIM cards on a next day delivery service to bridge the gap between PAYG, which are quick to set up, and consumer contract SIM where dealing directly with traditional mobile providers signs you up for very poor customer service, non-existent technical support and a lack of security features.

PAYG (pay-as-you-go) SIM cards eventually fail. They are a 'quick-fix' solution to getting a GSM device up and running however they introduce future service problems for both installer & end customer when they fail due to human error. While they appear to be the cheapest option up front they rarely pan out as such.

ControlFreq SIM cards are managed in-house & offer inbuilt security features to offer our customers high visibility support, 7-days, and a single point of contact for anything billing, support or account management related.

ControlFreq offer two highly reliable SIM cards. EvolveSIM multi-network 'auto-connect' and EE 'Secure-SIM' both with security unavailable on consumer SIM networks.

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