Smart. Easy. Fast.

Powerful app for installers & system managers to remotely  control, configure, manage & event log every device in one convenient place – right in the palm of your hand!


Manage all client devices from your phone without using SMS!

The 'ControlFreqUK' app is a seriously powerful 'device management' app  for ControlFreq GSM hardware. The app is not only for device configuration but also ongoing system & user management making it the ideal service 'tool' for professional Installers, end-client managers & busy property managers.  It supports the entire ControlFreq GSM range from monitoring, access, door entry & remote control.

  • Remote configuration
  • Access management
  • Time-clock control
  • Full device event log on screen
  • Remote 'App' control buttons
  • Pro device management tool!

 Proper app for professionals!

Job done! Simple GSM device management tool for people with no time to waste...

Serious GSM device management tool for people with no time to waste!

The ControlFreq smartphone app allows remote management of the entire range of ControlFreq GSM systems.

As a remote configuration tool it's the best in class. No other GSM system offers the level of flexibility and control down the finest settings.

As an access control user management system, Installers agree, there's nothing quite like it. It's designed by engineers for engineers to make the job of managing customer locations extermely quick and easy, while generating recurring service revenue.

Event logs are an important aspect of any remotely managed system. The event log is a 'view only' version of the more advanced event logging capabilities of the web-browser app.

As an 'on-the-go' tool for installers of our ControlFreq GSM hardware it's absolutely priceless.