Access, managed.

ControlFreq developed connected entry systems to make it easier to manage user access. We offer installers & managing agents an 'all-inclusive' 7-day managed service to update tenant phone numbers, PIN codes, time-clocks and visitor access for a fixed annual fee – including the SIM card & usage! or DIY to charge managed service fees.  

Access, controlled.

Advanced hybrid access control managed online for a better experience for all involved. For Installers, it's easier to install, simple to configure & universally compatible with any existing entry system. Site managers gain secure control & end users get modern-day  hassle-free service with ZERO disruption. 


Hybrid ‘on-demand’ access control for the connected world we live in!

ControlFreq hybrid access control seamlessly blends old & new technologies, offering traditional forms of access users are familiar with, coupled with the ability to allow pre-vetted on-demand users limited controlled access the car park for a fee. ControlFreq access control is integrated with the online parking marketplace (ie: parking apps) enabling owners & managers to tap into new revenue streams. Streamlining securely managed user access, is literally the key to unlocking revenue potential in under-utilised car parks. ControlFreq access control was created to generate income for owners while upgrading existing users to a more convenient entry system with zero disruption. 

  • Manage unlimited sites online
  • Instant user updates on-the-fly
  • Retrieve access event logs
  • Set timezones per user
  • Set automatic time-clocks
  • Offer a managed service
  • Streamline user management
  • Receive SMS / email alerts
  • OEM branded hardware
  • Parking app access integrated

Access, managed.

ControlFreq developed connected entry systems to make it easier to manage user access. We offer installers & managing agents an 'all-inclusive' 7-day managed service to update tenant phone numbers, PIN codes, time-clocks and visitor access for a fixed annual fee – including the SIM card & usage!  

Combined GSM Intercom & user access management online. 

ControlFreq GSM intercoms have access control inbuilt to enable system managers to update intercom phone numbers and also user access rights via any web-browser or smartphone. This combined simplicity it simple to retrofit legacy building entry systems with the latest access control without any disruption to the users. It's extremely straight-forward to install and manage. Bring any building into the 21st century overnight.


Fully integrated access control designed, OEM branded & customised for any use case.

Whether you need a simple surface-mount GSM intercom retrofit flush to hide the hole left by legacy kit or a fully integrated post-mounted GSM intercom & access control system, check out the latest unbeatable ALPHA-4G range from ControlFreq.


Integrated QR-reader access control with user management via booking app. 

QR-codes are one of the most adaptable, flexible, affordable & integrat-able form of 'throw away' access control options available. The QR-code can be saved on a user's phone via email confirmation of a booked service ie: parking or rental service. The QR code can also be printed on paper and shown to the QR reader for access. QR-codes are dynamically generated and sent to the user booking the service so they're ideal, and intended, for 3rd party on-demand booking services such as pre-book parking where temporary access is required.


PIN code access control with time/day/date restrictions  – managed online.

Remotely managed restricted user access is critical to maintain security of any building or car park. In particular, if the parking operator is a 3rd party service, it's important that users sent to the car park are restricted to only the time of their booking with event logged history to add another layer of visibility.


Handsfree vehicle access control with long-range adhesive RFID tokens.

Long-range RFID for vehicles is a simple approach to managing vehichle access for permanent users of a car park. Compared to ANPR, where users are required to have their vehicle on a whitelist to avoid parking charge notices (PCN), an adhesive ID token is mounted to authorised vehicle windscreens. The token has a unique ID which is managed using our web-based management platform. Vehicles can still be restricted by time/day/date restriction. All users entry events are logged online for admin use.


Secure-ID remote controls with online management of user access restrictions.

ControlFreq access control includes remote controls that operate with a Wiegand receiver that connects to any of our access control or GSM intercom systems. Add traditional remote keyfob access with the additional benefits of web and app-based user management.


Professional branding & custom-design applications available.

ControlFreq offer professional branding for GSM intercoms. Suitable for harsh outdoor environments & heavy commercial use, deliver a professional 'on brand' experience from the first customer touch-point in any use case. What the customer will see first is your brand, not ours.


Next-Gen mobile tech– Hybrid voLTE IP+4G streaming UHD video GSM intercom.

COMING SOON: ControlFreq aim to release an industry-first winning combination to create the missing link to a decent mobile video GSM system with online management. We've watched the market, we know the alternatives, we're working on our response.


5G-Ready Access Control!    New modular 4G-voLTE module design for future upgrades.

In the name of long-term reliability & servicability, we've redesigned for any future eventuality by integrating plug-in GSM modules for a simplified upgrade, if ever required, without replacing the system.


Low-rate contract SIM cards managed in-house 

Contract SIM cards avoid the hassles generally associated with PAYG and consumer network SIM cards. We offer a fixed annual fee from £60p.a. with 7-day phone support & unlimited data, including connectivity monitoring & reporting to detect and minimise the impact of network downtime. For mission-critical  application we offer multi-network SIM cards which auto-connect to the top 4 UK networks seamlessly to avoid network connectivity loss. All SIM are managed in house by us for a single point of contact for everything.


Premium quality 4G GSM intercoms Made in Britain.  

ALPHA-4G is made from solid aluminium & stainless steel, with not even a sniff of plastic, anywhere! Every single component has been carefully designed in-house to consider form, functionality & simplicity. Designed over 18 months with no expense spared, the ALPHA range is by far the best quality GSM intercom available with all the functionality to go with it. The ALPHA range has to be seen to be appreciated. 


Manage unlimited devices by web, app, API or managed service.

ControlFreq hardware is configured & managed by Web-browser, App & API. You can also use SMS or PC software, if you wish. Most importantly, you don't need to fill in online forms or pay us to do it. With ControlFreq GSM intercoms, you have access to professional online tools backed by industry-leading 7-day phone support! We also offer managed services if you prefer we do it.