Does your current GSM supplier offer online GSM device management?

If you like installations to go smoothly and ongoing system management to be simple, ControlFreq's WebPortal for GSM device configuration & ongoing remote management is for you!

Businesses today depend on remote management of critical systems. Using legacy software, systems & processes is inefficient – costing both time and money.

ControlFreq’s WebPortal enables remote management of GSM devices used in many different applications across many industries. Proven to be a reliable, simple-to-use, software solution for remote connectivity, it provides installers a remote connection to ControlFreq GSM devices in the field.

WebPortal automatically detects the type of GSM device and presents a user interface screen with the relevant settings to make remote changes. These changes can be device parameters, event logs, PIN codes or specific access user settings.

WebPortal works by remotely connecting to devices in the field, via mobile network internet connectivity for 2-way data excahnge, offering real-time device monitoring, remote control, system configuration and error checking, driving greater productivity, agility, and a significant reduction in operating costs.

ControlFreq’s WebPortal is a simple GUI (Graphical User Interface) to enable a system manager to exchange data between the WebPortal and GSM device remotely. It works as a simple add-on to any ControlFreq GSM system. It can log events, allocate PIN codes on demand, and remotely control doors, gates, or barriers from a distance. The WebPortal is also available as an open API, where two web-based software systems connect via application programming, to allow 3rd party services to utilise the power of ControlFreq hardware & software to enhance their own service offering to their customers.

WebPortal is a powerful management tool for all ControlFreq systems. It operates with all ControlFreq GSM hardware such as GSM Intercoms or GSM Access Controllers which protect, control or monitor properties or possessions for safety and security.

In recent case studies, ControlFreq works with the leading on-demand parking operators to maximise car parking revenue. These operators employ ControlFreq GSM access control to allow their parking users to securely access 3rd party secure gated properties using their phone.

By utilising the ControlFreq API and hassle-free WebPortal remote management software side-by-side, under-utilised parking spaces are rented out and accessed securely by the on-demand parking operator’s app users. The platform provides the remotely managed access control to enable the 3rd party parking service to operate.

What does WebPortal do?

  • Device configuration
  • Time-zone based access control management
  • Authorised user management
  • Security control
  • Access event logging
  • Error checking/logging/reporting
  • Allocates access pins on-demand
  • Remotely opens or closes doors/gates/barriers etc
  • Allows viewing of reliable real-time data at any time
  • Inbuilt connectivity monitoring to proactively detect mobile signal issues

So, to better manage your remote sites via a remote system management tool, saving time and money, talk to us on a solution discovery call or get in touch below.

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