What are the top 5 Benefits of a GSM Intercom?

GSM intercoms refer to intercom systems that utilise mobile networks to communicate with users’ phones.

Apart from traditional intercom systems, GSM intercoms are unique, allowing communication through a wireless mobile network over GSM, 3G and the very latest 4G vo-LTE technology.

The system's core components comprise a control unit, 4G module, microphone, and speaker. These devices are fixed on secured entry points of a residence, company office, or commercial property. A SIM card is then inserted into the system, allowing for communication between the caller and the user's mobile phone.

GSM intercoms have become a popular choice, particularly for gated communities, residential estates, and commercial properties.

Here are five key benefits of using GSM intercoms:

1. Convenience

GSM intercoms offer convenient access control by allowing residents or employees to remotely unlock gates, doors, or barriers, using a mobile phone or landline. The system's call forwarding feature also ensures that authorised personnel can receive calls from intercoms regardless of their location, without the need for having to be physically present.

2. Enhanced Security GSM
 intercoms come equipped with various features that enhance security. For instance, the systems can store caller ID information, log dialled numbers, and record the time and date of each call. Additionally, residents or employees can only grant access to a visitor using their mobile devices, mitigating the risk of unauthorised access.

3. Cost-Effective

GSM intercoms are relatively inexpensive compared to traditional intercom systems, mainly because they use a wireless network, eliminating the need for cabling or wiring. Additionally, because the

4. Installation Flexibility

GSM intercoms are also incredibly versatile and can be installed in various types of properties. They can be used for single-family residential homes, multi-unit apartments, and commercial properties.

Installing the intercoms does not require any significant alterations to the existing property infrastructure, making it an ideal option for the retrofitting of old buildings. When used in car park applications they make a very convenient help or assistance intercom to connect users to a central control room. The call can be routed to any phone number in the world.

5. Easy to maintain

Finally, GSM intercoms are incredibly easy to maintain. Service providers offer remote support services that can diagnose problems through software quickly. Additionally, the intercoms come equipped with self-diagnostic systems that generate alerts if there is a problem, minimising downtime.

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