ALPHAHUB-1 | 4G Access Control System (Universally compatible)

  • Web-managed access control for 1000 users
  • Time/day/date user access managed online
  • Virtual-PIN : PIN access without a physical pinpad
  • Optional: Prox, QR, ANPR, Secure-ID remotes, UHF-RFID
  • Inbuilt 24/7/365 timeclock
  • Onlone access event log

List Price

£247.00 (excl. VAT)

Product Detail

ALPHAHUB-1 | 4G Access Control System (Universally compatible)

Simple 4G access control with online management, events & timeclock...

The DIN-rail mounted ALPHAHUB-1 is a pocket-rocket universal 4G access control system supporting Wiegand input devices like keypad, prox reader, ANPR, long-range RFID, biometrics, QR-reader – Restrict user access by time/day/date with users managed remotely via app, web or API – event log & timeclock unbuilt standard.

ALPHAHUB-1 supports up to 1000 Caller ID users and requires no extra hardware to enable this functionality. It provides seamless access by simply calling the SIM in the unit from a phone number set on the authorised user list. Please note: Caller ID is 24/7 access. Other methods of access can be resctricted by time/day/date.

'A simple method of restricted access without the need for any additional hardware is 'Virtual-PIN'. PIN code based access control designed for touchless PIN code entry without the need for a physical pinpad. The user simple sends an SMS to the SIM in the unit with a valid PIN code at the time of access. This functionality was developed during the first wave of the Covid pandemic and has proven to be a popular choice with temporary visitor / contractor access, especially for building maintenance.

ALPHAHUB-1 also supports restricted time, day, date and number-of-use access control for up to 1000 users for other access methods which require additional hardware to be wired into the G1-4GW hub. 

The owner, administrator, building manager or property manager uses our web-based user management portal via any web-browser to set PIN codes (or user ID) with appropriate restrictions. User codes can also be set to send an instant SMS when used which records the user's arrival time in the event log.

When a user ID is presented at the property, the ALPHAHUB-1 checks the database and, if within the authorised limits, the gate/door opens. If the ID presented is not valid, the gate/door will not open.

The 'non-authorised' attempt will be logged and can be sent by SMS to a system administrator containing the number of the person attempting to access. This allows the admin to call the user and deal with the access attempt

This proactive approach to visitor access streamlines the process, avoiding sharing keys and codes, making it much easier to manage for all involved.

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