Premium 4G GSM intercom 200-way [ALPHACOM-200]

  • Intercom calls 2 phone numbers per property
  • Door release during call, by Caller ID or PIN code
  • Solid aluminium & stainless steel #noplastic
  • High quality 'Made in Britain' engineering
  • Time/day/date restricted PIN & caller-id access control
  • Remotely configured & managed online
  • Weatherproof silicone gasket (IP56)

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£599.00 (excl. VAT)


Product Information

Premium 4G GSM intercom 200-way [ALPHACOM-200]

Premium British design, engineering & fabrication with 5 year warranty! 

The ALPHACOM range of GSM intercoms share one vision – to be the best value 'like-for-like' GSM intercom available, excelling ahead of the comptetition in design, quality, functionality and cloud management. After numerous refinements, we're are satisfied with the outcome. We're excited for customers to give us their feedback.

The aesthetics are clean and elegant with no visible fixings. The overall finish is black textured industrial-duty powdercoat over a marine-grade 316 stainless steel fascia. The backbox is CNC machined from one solid block of aluminium and rated IK09 impact resistance. There is not one bit of plastic on ALPHA+4G. Between the fascia and backbox is a precision-cut silicone gasket to prevent water ingress. Internally, the electronics are lacquered to protect the hardware from moisture long-term.

The ALPHACOM offers a level of end user functionality and administrator remote web & app management unmatched by any other GSM intercom. Proudly Made in Britain with a standard 5 year warranty and 7-day phone support.

Configuration and user management is done via web-browser or smartphone app, which is designed for security and property managers to easily manage user access.

ControlFreq apps enable security and management companies to provide chargeable managed service to end-clients – supported by ControlFreq, 7-days.

Optional Add-ons

External Antennas (high-gain magnetic-mount incl.)

15m extension cable for 'Ultra Directional'
15m extension cable for 'Ultra Directional'

15m extension cable for 'Ultra Directional'

Why ControlFreq?

When you buy ControlFreq, you don't just buy a product – you're investing in the peace of mind that when it really counts, it works – and if you have any issues, we'll be there – any day of the week.  ControlFreq stands for quality & reliability above all else which is why we offer 7-day phone support and lifetime warranty on selected products to trade buyers.

Mobile-first, always.

We do GSM, only GSM and, some say, the best GSM. Every visitor to ControlFreq brings a challenge. More often than not we have GSM kit off-the-shelf, for next-day delivery, complete with SIM card and, if required, professional setup support. If any level of customisation is required, or you'd like to discuss a specific technical challenge, book a 15 minute 'solution-discovery' call with a solution expert. 

Trade-Focused Support

ControlFreq2.0 is dedicated to helping trade & industry overcome legacy challenges, using the best mobile technology available. We employ tried & trusted hardware, software and experience to deliver products & services our customers  can rely on – and when it really counts, a highly experienced support engineer will be there on the end of the phone, when you need them the most.... Not when our office is open but when help is really needed.

Solution Innovators.

ControlFreq is a solution innovator working with like-minded innovators to create the best outcomes possible.  We've earned our stripes over a 15 year improvement journey developing back-end systems and  professional partners. ControlFreq stands for premium quality, rock-solid reliability and helpful tech support. In 2022, ControlFreq2.0 launches a 4G GSM intercom with a lifetime 'trade' warranty, new concepts in remote alarm monitoring and simple, yet powerful, 4G technology to modernise any access control system in less than an hour.