OK, so here's the big problem...

You need to monitor something when you're not around, right?

Your home alarm, your fire alarm, your holiday home or even your caravan...  Maybe you simply want to know if someone opens your driveway gate or walks into your garden!

Well, here's a solution for you! The great thing about a GSM alarm auto-dialler is this... It's designed to tell you when that 'thing' 'event' or 'activity' occurs. Let's say your intruder alarm is set off. You'll be alerted on your mobile phone, instantly! Even before any of the neighbours have even bothered to notice another alarm is going off. You know, immediately! No matter where you are. This is exactly what this GSM auto-dialler is designed to do.

Perhaps you're wondering 'well how exactly does it do that?' ... right? Well, if you've read this far, I'll tell you. It has a SIM card inserted into it (see the picture below). When the GSM dialler gets installed, either the installer, or our 7 day tech support team will setup the phone numbers you want the system to call, by sending it a simple text message. When the alarm activates, it simply calls (or sends a customised text) to the phone numbers you set! It's that simple. But what about actually connecting it? Wiring? Is it complicated? In a word, no! It takes a basic 3 wires connection to install it just next to your alarm box (the one hidden in a cupboard somewhere). We can always help by phone if you DIY.

The PRO-3G GSM alarm auto-dialler detects any kind of alarm activity and instantly tells you about it. As your alarm system activates, it tells this dialler to call and SMS to a predefined list of up to 4 phone numbers. It's compatible with intruder, fire and stand alone alarm applications. 

The PRO-3G GSM alarm auto-dialer is a bit of a security all-rounder. It's simple enough while covering enough bases for a low costs with plenty of optional extras.

It's the dialler of choice for over half of the 100's of fire and intruder Alarm Installer customers we supply. It's versatile enough to be used with an existing alarm system or as a stand alone auto-dialler allowing you to custom design a security or monitoring solution by connecting magnetic door contacts, PIR motion sensors, vibration detectors or any other kind of sensor you can think of. It's really that flexible.

It has two separate alarm inputs to allow detection of two separate zones. Imagine you had a fire alarm and intruder alarm in one property so you'd want to know which one was activated right? You could connect the alarm output from the intruder alarm panel to alarm input 1 on the PRO-3G GSM dialler. The alarm output from the fire alarm would be connected to the alarm input 2 on the PRO-3G GSM auto-dialler. This way you use one GSM auto-dialler for two functions to send you SMS and call alerts if either your intruder or fire alarm activates. You'd get notified directly to your phone exactly what, where and when something was happening.

You can also think of each zone as a series of sensors. Imagine you have 5 motion detectors connected all in a loop back into alarm input 1. When any one of the 5 sensors detects motion it will SMS and / or call up to 4 mobile or landline phones. 

Maybe you've also been thinking... 'But it's got a SIM card in it! That cost's me money right?' Or 'Won't the SIM card expire if I don't use it?' Or 'What if there's no mobile signal?'. We've got it all covered! The PRO-3G GSM alarm dialler has an inbuilt 'stay alive' function (only used with PAYG SIM) which tells the device to make a chargeable call to the user at preset intervals. this keeps the PAYG SIM active. If you want a bulletproof SIM solution, we recommend Evolve multi-network auto-switch SIM cards, which connect automatically to the 4 major networks in the UK.

If you want a quality, hassle free GSM alarm auto-dialler, the PRO-3G will not let you down. It comes with a standard 3 year replacement warranty to back that up. If you have any questions call our 7 day phone support line on 020 3478 0786.

From £154.80 incl. VAT (£129.00+VAT)

Product Code: PRO-3G
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