Taxi Free Phones call a taxi office phone number when the customer presses the button. Taxi freefone is the best investment a taxi firm could make in generating new fares. No ongoing rental and no ongoing BT call charges. An all inclusive SIM card is all that is required and provided through our SIM card partner for £10/mth with unlimited landline calls. No more expensive BT bills and no more contract rentals. You own the the free phone and pay the

Control Freq has a range of GSM taxi free phone systems to suit every application  We have a variety of high quality freefone systems that are suited for all kinds of locations inside and outside.  From entry level deskphone systems to all weather and anti-vandal and LCD taxi call display systems. Free phone systems for taxi firms or venues such as pubs, clubs, supermarkets,sports venues, health clubs and any public event location where taxi services are required. Order a reliable GSM taxi free phone system from Control Freq GSM and start generating more revenue immediately.

Our taxi-fone systems are quick and easy to install and calls can be routed to any phone number generating instant new business. A sound investment for both the venue and taxi firm. The settings of the free phone can be managed remotely and securely by the owner ensuring the system is always up to date and functioning correctly. GSM taxi call systems can be locked to authorised users only to ensure maximum security. GSM taxi fone systems keep generating new fares and making revenue for both the venue and taxi firm.

Control Freq taxi phones are a new breed of free phone designed to work in any location reliably and without any maintenance. They can be remotely managed and operate using high quality, robust German made mobile phone SIM card based GSM technology.

Browse our pages and decide which gsm taxi freephone system best meets your  requirements, and if you have questions or need some advice for your particular application, please do not hesitate to contact us. 7 days! Call us today on +44(0)20 3478 0786

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