Online GSM Device Management Portal

The most advanced platform for managing GSM devices remotely. Use any web-browser to configure,  control, manage & event log ControlFreq hardware using any web browser.



Powerful remote device management from any web browser...

The online device management portal is the most powerful software available for a GSM hardware range. The software is not only for device configuration but also ongoing system and user management. It covers the entire ControlFreq hardware range from monitoring, access, door entry and control systems.

  • Remote configuration
  • Access user management
  • Import/Export by .XLS
  • Full event log with export
  • Admin/User heiracrchy
  • Revenue generating service

 System Information

Software that makes it easier, saves time & generates revenue!

This is no ordinary device configuration software...

The ControlFreq web portal covers our entire range of GSM systems.

As a remote configuration tool it's the best in class. No other GSM system offers the level of flexibility and control.

As an access control user management system, no other GSM system provider offers anything quite like it. It's designed by engineers for engineers. 

Event logs are an important aspect of any remotely managed system. The event log tool enables fine tuning of exactly what you do and don;t want to see in the event log. It supports 'on-screen' quick search and also export to. XLS.