With all the various wireless technologies, it's hard to keep up. Here's a guide to distinguish between the types of wireless technologies found on this website.


GSM: is any SIM card based product. Your mobile phone is a GSM phone. In Europe it's your GSM number, in the U.K it's mobile number. GSM uses the mobile phone network to communicate wirelessly to your phone. Essentially it makes a call using the SIM card inside the unit. As these devices use a SIM card, they may incur a small cost each time depending on what it is being used for. They require no internet or phone line connection so form a reliable, convenient and low cost solutions for a multitude of applications anywhere in the world. 

• GSM Products: GSM intercoms & door entry, GSM alarm auto-diallers, GSM remote controls, GSM access control, GSM taxi freephones.


3G: is basically mobile internet. It is also a SIM card based communication technology. 3G is used to transmit streaming video over the mobile phone network allowing video intercom capability on a smartphone.

• 3G Products: 3G video intercoms & door entry


WIRELESS: is a term used for various wire free communication methods. GSM is one method of wireless communication. Bluetooth is another and WiFi is yet one more. RF or radio frequency is the most likely what people are talking about when they say 'wireless'. Wireless intercoms work on radio frequency. They communicate over a radio frequency of 433.92Mhz to wireless handsets, on the same frequency, tuned to each other allowing wireless communication between the intercom and the handset. In effect, sort of like a walkie talkie.

• Wireless Products: Wireless intercoms, radio remote controls & receivers


WiFi: is a wireless communication method that uses your internet connection through a wireless router. Your internet is plugged into the wall and the router transmits a WiFi signal. WiFi devices pick up this signal and can then use the internet to communicate at no cost. The very latest in door entry intercom systems are using WiFi to stream live video and audio to your smartphone. This is the future of wireless door entry. 

WiFi Products: WiFi intercoms & door entry,


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