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About GSM alarm auto-diallers for SIM card mobile cloud IoT monitoring and sensing


A GSM alarm dialer calls or texts your phone or alarm receiving centre when you have an alarm event and home or at your business. You need never miss an alarm event because the system reacts instantly when your alarm goes off. 

There's simple SMS alerts only GSM auto-dialler which is the lowest cost of all. If all you need is an SMS, this is the one. If you want multiple SMS text message alerts from your alarm or some other sensor / event / condition to make sure you don't miss it, try our 'Persistent SMS Alarm Dialler'. This is a unique functionality exclusive to this Control Freq auto-dialler.

If you want something to call and SMS and you only need it for a Fire and or Intruder alarm. The V-lite is a great all rounder. See more detailed info about the Vlite here. For an advanced, highly configurable GSM alarm auto-dialler that calls and sends SMS (text messages) the Z4-V is the animal. It's a great all rounder. See more detailed info about the Z4-V here.

Control Freq has a wide range of alarm auto-dialler systems to suit every application and budget.   There are a variety of high quality GSM dialers suited for residential or commercial intruder, fire and stand alone alarm sensors.   From entry level SMS text message alerts to SMS & phone call alarms and battery back up or GSM dialler with phone line back up. These convenient and practical systems mean that you will never miss alarm activity at your property again.  Buy a quality GSM dialler system from online today and increase the security of your home or business immediately.

Control Freq GSM cell phone dialer systems are quick and easy to install and alarm calls can be routed to your mobile or landline number. SMS text message alerts can be customised to suit the alarm text message required.  GSM alarm dialler systems can be locked to authorised users only to ensure maximum security. GSM alarm security systems keep your property safe and the user informed of intruder activity immediately.

Control Freq has a range of speech and SMS dialers to suite home, business, commercial and industrial alarm systems. We also have a range of low cost, high quality systems, including retrofit GSM systems with superb features and industry-leading German made GSM technology.

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