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The Cotleigh Group (Property Management Professionals)
"I was introduced to Control Freq through a recommendation. With an array of GSM gadgets combined with excellent product knowledge, Control Freq found a quick and cost effective solution to my particular problem. 
I was particularly impressed with their customer support, going far beyond the call of duty when I needed a bit of help setting up. I would not hesitate to recommend Control Freq and intend to use them for all future requirements."

Nick Markham

Property Manager,
The Cotleigh Group

Case Study... To eliminate the on-going cost of a fixed landline in a lift, The Cotleigh Group Property Manager, Nick Markham was looking for a reliable solution while ensuring the legal requirements for the building were maintained.

GSM retrofit emergency lift phone which was installed by a sub-contractor to eliminate the landline dialler entirely.

Utilising a low rate contract SIM card exclusive to Control Freq customers, a totally wireless emergency phone solution was implemented in the lift with ongoing annual costs of £36 compared to the previous cost of £650. The total parts & installation cost was under £450.

Global Security Products Ltd. (Security Solution Developers)

"Some months ago we went in search of a new communication and control device for our range of portable security devices and decided on the from Control Freq Ltd. On our standard unit the Z4-V gsm dialler dropped in seamlessly and provided our customers with the added benefit of GSM dialling in addition to the existing mobile radio communication.

We are now expanding our business into Asia and with the assistance of Control Freq and their R&D input have been able to adapt the Z4 for international markets. The back-up received from Control Freq has been second to none throughout the development process and we can highly recommend their products and service."

Jon Burgess
Head Design Engineer,
Global Security Products Ltd.

Case Study...

Global Security Products Ltd approached Control Freq with a requirement to integrate a GSM-based alarm communication device into a product that they were developing.

The device recommended was the although it required some bespoke hardware and software changes to make it suitable. Control Freq satisfied the request by providing a bespoke GSM dialler solution that, when triggered, calls a national monitoring number to play a recorded message, sends an SMS to a number of mobile phones and simultaneously sends a broadcast radio message to the on site security guard's radio.

The finished product is a battery-run, free-standing poly-carbonate high security motion detector dubbed the 'Plastic Policeman'. They are now deployed in open spaces all over Thailand & Singapore with a view to rolling them out across Asia. More recently, pilot testing was successful at the Birmingham NEC in the UK to free up staff while still monitoring site black spots for unauthorised movement.


Camden Town Unlimited (Providing Security Solutions for the London Borough of Camden)

"We found Noel to be very professional and efficient in his dealings with us.  His advice prior to the job proved to be very valuable and the delivery was first class.  I have no hesitation in recommending Noel and his team and will certainly use them again in future."

Simon Pitkeathley
Managing Director,
Camden Town Unlimited

Case Study...

Camden Town Unlimited work on behalf of the London Borough of Camden to implement effective security measures in trouble spots across the borough. CTU approached Control Freq to resolve a gated driveway access control issue.

The problem was a driveway that serviced residential apartments and local businesses with an electric gate securing the access. After hours, the entrance was plagued by unsavoury characters looking for a place to go unseen and the current handheld remote control system presented inherent problems. As remotes were regularly lost, stolen or broken the gate was sometimes held open resulting in a total lack of confidence by the users as to the overall integrity of the security the gate provided.

Control Freq applied a GSM Mobile Phone Access Control System that now means that authorised users use a mobile phone to call a SIM CARD located in the gate controls for access. There are no call costs as the system receives the incoming call, checks it's authorised, opens the gate and drops the call. The SIM card in the system is on a low rate contract SIM card with no other charges.

The users are added or deleted remotely by the Property Manager using SMS. Therefore no remote controls are required so cannot be lost, broken or damaged. Instant access can be provided to an authorised phone number without a site visit making it one of the most versatile and cost-effective access control systems available and satisfying the client's objective perfectly.

In addition to the required functionality, at no extra cost the system also sends the manager an SMS alert if the gate is left open longer than usual or if an unauthorised person tries to call the system.

Veolia Water Technology & Solutions

"I am writing you to thank you for all your help over the last few months. As you know, I am developing a warning system for use in sewers and I needed a means of monitoring sensors in real time and generating alerts at appropriate times.

Having received the G1 GSM dialler, I found it simple to set up. As my testing developed, I needed to know more about the additional features of your device and I have subsequently found you to be most helpful throughout the process.

You and your team provide a great product and an after-sales service which any supply and service organisation should aspire to."

David Robinson
Sewerage Networks Manager,
Veolia Water

Case Study...

Veolia Water required a warning system to monitor moisture levels in pumps shafts and contacted Control Freq for technical design advice.

As a standard 'off the shelf' solution, the was recommended. With it's simple programming set-up and the connection of a water sensor, the solution was ready to test.

The combination of the Control Freq GSM dialler and any type of sensor is the ideal monitoring solution. Coupled with one of Control Freq's software packages, a nationwide monitoring solution can be deployed at a very low cost with a high level of reliability and control.